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I invite you on a journey into uncharted waters.  

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For the Spiritual Enthusiast

Calvin falls on Nootka Island

There is a wisdom, energy, and love that flows like a strong current towards something better, bigger, and more honest. We can choose to be a part of this great energy force by learning to feel the current and recognize the direction of the flow but it will take courage. For some it will mean examining long held beliefs and letting them go. For others it will mean examining the ego, an ego that does not want to be examined. For both on the other side there awaits a place called home. 

For the Outdoor Enthusiast

Wlderness System Thresher 155 with Falcon sail

2018 was the year of my 450 kilometer solo journey along the rugged North West Coast of Vancouver island in a kayak. Not just any kayak I traveled on a Wilderness System Thresher 155 sit on top kayak with a Falcon sail. It was an unforgettable experience that was full of challenges, wildlife and moments of shear terror.  Click on picture above for the story. 

For the Entrepreneur Enthusiast


Being your own boss, running your own business can be one of the most rewarding and difficult things you ever do. If nothing else it breaks you down and builds character. My personal journey has been to redefine how we traditionally understand "success". To understand the seamless link between the spiritual, the natural world and business. When this happens we will see revolutionary benefits to humanity and this place we call earth.   

Resources that have helped me


Mark 222 Podcast starts soon


 The Mark 222 Podcast is  a free resource for you to compare notes and find help on your spiritual and maybe outdoor adventures.   

About Mark

Deer group of island by Bamfield

I have been a hockey player, pastor and entrepreneur. I now consider myself to be a full-time spiritual and outdoor enthusiast. I have been married 35 years to my wife Kelly. Together we have raised four boys.